Jimmy James.
Denver TV stations ask for camera in Aurora theater shooting trial

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James Holmes Transformation over the last 5 years

"I have always been fascinated by the complexities of a long lost thought seemingly arising out of nowhere into a stream of awareness. These fascinations likely stemmed from my interest in puzzles and paradoxes as an adolescent and continued through my curiosity in academic research." -James Holmes
The prosecution takes the position that even if a law enforcement officer who is an endorsed prosecution witness committed perjury in this case, it does not matter, because the contents of the notebook are reliable. The prosecution’s assertion is galling. The fact that a law enforcement official lied under oath in a death penalty case about a key piece of evidence is an incredibly serious matter.

-James Holmes’ defense team regarding the leak of information in James’ notebook - taken from the court document filed August 18, 2014. (via gotholmes)

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Leaked footage from James Holmes’ psych eval shows the suspected mass murderer describing his actions on the night he opened fire on a theater full of people during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”


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*it is another id card photo. its just released by the Uni 


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